Materials and Process Engineering


The combined experience of Campro’s engineering and programming staff have given us the knowledge and skill needed to machine a wide variety of materials. We machine all types of plastic ( polycarbonate, polypro, Delrin, G-10 glass, PEEK, PET, Vespel, etc..), Aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, Titanium, and nickel alloys. We consider our most valuable area of expertise to be ALL types of stainless steel and Titanium and have geared our equipment selection to perform well with these materials. We also experienced at the unique tooling approaches need to machine investment castings. Campro is VERSATILE!

Process Engineering

Though Campro does very little “Outside Processing” (i.e. heat treat, plating, painting) in house, we are also quite experienced at incorporating these types of specs in to the manufacturing process. Most of our customers typically have us “manufacture complete” – including outside processes and hardware installation. We have relationships with most of the locally based “outside processors”, as well as specialty processors across the United States, so we are able to efficiently manage the needs of our customers – especially when specific customer approvals are required.

Below are examples of finished products.

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