Quality Control

Campro Manufacturing, Inc. manages its operations under the guidelines of ISO9001:2008/AS9100C and has recently become certified to those standards. All company personnel, from those in management/accounting, and engineering/quality participate in maintaining those standards and continually improving our processes.

We offer a well equipped Inspection Lab that includes modern CMM’s, optical comparators, profilometers, dial bore gages, gage blocks, gage pins sets, micrometers, calipers, thread gages, granite surface plates, indicators, and more – all calibrated to traceable NIST standards.

Campro is quite proud of our reputation in the precision machining marketplace. In this age of “lowest bidder” purchasing practices, it is the pride (it’s not a dirty word) of our key people that we believe sets us apart. The desire to be the best is what we seek from – and try to impart to our employees. When a defective part gets returned to us – it is not “just the course of business”. We don’t just fill out a Corrective Action – someone has usually lost focus and we talk about that focus to foster the attitude we demand from our employees. That is the most important form of continuous improvement – ATTITUDE!

Campro is now ISO/AS certified!

Click here to view our certificate.

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